The real world seems more interesting these days.

I have no social media accounts, you won't see me walking down the street with headphones on, or starring at my cellphone. If I have a question, I don't find the answer; I just enjoy the feeling of wonder. I like to experience the world around me, and I use technology, I just don't abuse it.

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I've done it, finally. I switched from an iphone to a regular bar phone that has no camera, bells, nor whisles! I'm removing technology from my life one step at a time. I also will often leave the phone at home while I'm out, it's sort of a joy to get home and check my messages from through out the day. People can become very upset being away from technology they've grown used to, it's an addiction. I first experienced this when I was very young, I was addicted to having a television on, it was comforting, without it I felt lonely. When I realized this, it bothered me. I suffered through the emotions, and let go of watching television. I often watch movies now, but I don't need to; that's the difference. I'm comfortable with sitting quietly by myself. I suppose one day technology will be viewed as addictive, that it resembles a drug. A healthy person goes about their life, living in the moment, full of wonder. Yesterday I rode my bike without my cellphone, I rode through an open fire hydrant, as I had no electronics on me to worry about, it felt great. Not being able to be reached felt great. I felt as if I had more time than usual. Technology should improve our lives creating a healthier planet, instead of imprisoning us emotionally.

P.S. As my grandmother always told me, "Always keep a hard copy".