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    Sat Nov 15, 2014 9pm. Don Pedro, 90 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

    I've decided to remove the blog software from my website and simply add content to an html file, I find this much easier. Also I want to keep my website hand crafted like in the good old days of the internet, none of this automated bullshit. It makes websites boring, and they lack user experience. This isn't a VCR manual, it's an art book.

    I'm a goon from long island, you don’t wanna know me.

    Wasn't privileged, grew up poor.
    Eating taco bell, outside of caldor.

    Best friend growing up, was a prostitute.
    Jerking off cross the wall, while she was working.

    Mothers schizophrenic, never throws anything away.
    Uncle sells dope at AA meetings, gabba gabba hey.

    I'm a goon from long island, but now I live in queens.
    Everything's so clean and nice, boy life is easy.

    Goodbye western world, I’m off to the foothills of the himalayas.

    A day at Tempelhof Airport

    When I was about 5 my grandmother gave me the greatest gift I could imagine, a microcassette with my name written on it. Soon after she decided to buy a new recorder, possibly because I was borrowing hers all day, and I was handed down the old recorder. It was my most prized possession, and even though it hasn't worked for years, I still have that recorder, inside a tape that says Pierce on it. Later I moved on to a recorder I could change the speed on, a Talkboy, reel-to-reel recorders, computer recording. Lately bringing it back to the microcassette shape, I find my favorite function of an iPhone is the voice memos app.

    I stopped recording audio because I couldn't find a reason to, it seemed like a pointless act. About 6 months ago I started recording sounds because I had this idea that I would later use them to make music, so I've been recording bits of things while I travel. But the more I think about it, I can't use any of it in music. Today in the park I got this urge to record, it was definitely useless for music, I just wanted to be able to listen to it, and remember that point in time.

    I'm not all that interested in taking pictures, sometimes I've gotten into doing it, but it's just not my thing. I never really thought about how recording audio, is just like taking a picture. Going back and listening to something from years ago can bring you right back to that spot, when I hear recordings of my childhood dog barking, I can remember her much better than looking at any pictures.

    I'm flying out of Barcelona to Berlin so I had to take a bus back from from Valencia It turned to be a first class coach and very comfy, I fell asleep as I stayed up all night with Don to leave at 6AM. I woke up at the airport and we stopped in a strange spot, the bus driver got off for a moment but no one left the bus, I figured it wasn't the actual airport stop. He started driving and I thought oh good, he's going to the other terminal 2 miles away which I need to be at, no the bus keeps going, we're going into Barcelona. I had never been to the bus station there so I didn't know where I was, I figured oh well my mistake, I'll have to shell out for the cab back, but I couldn't seem to find any cabs. I started asking people, and one guy told me where the cab station is, so I started walking there. A few blocks later he comes running after me yelling “wait wait! No you see, there's no taxi, it is a strike today!”. This is turning bad, I may miss my flight, I ask him if he can show me where we are on the map, I'm only 10 blocks away from the Plaça de Catalunya, I know I can take the Aerobus back for 6€. I shake his hand, and tell him how much he's saved me. I run those 10 blocks though Barcelona, hot as hell, lugging bags, and wearing my denim jacket because I have no time to take it off. At the plaza I find a huge protest that I have to shift through, I'm not sure what they are chanting, but it sounds like U.S.A.? I get on that Aerobus and it's unusually fast, I've got plenty of time after that big mistake.

    Recorded this today through a fender deluxe reverb